Tips to Choose a Spy Camera

Tips to Choose a Spy Camera

Tips to Choose a Spy Camera - How to Choose a Spy Camera - Choosing a Spy Camera - Several Types of Spy Cameras | Tips on - Find TipsHave you ever thought of spying on your spouse when you are away from home? Spy or hidden cameras can help to capture images stealthily, without the knowledge of the person on whom you are spying. Spy cameras are available under the guise of common objects that we use daily. This does not raise the suspicion of your subject, who views these objects as harmless items.

Several types of spy cameras are available in the market.

Tiny wireless camera

It is hard to imagine the potentialities hidden in a 1/3-inch color camera. The built-in transmitter of the camera can capture color imaged of objects from up to a distance of 100 feet.

Clock Camera

Your unwanted guests would fail to realize that the lovely wall clock has a spy camera hidden inside it. From a pinhole opening in the clock, the built-in camera can capture images of the subjects lying in front of it.

Bullet Camera

This surveillance camera can be safely hidden anywhere in your house. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. However, keep it away from water.

Pen Camera

This is something undercover agents would love to possess. This is a video camera hidden inside a pen. You can wear it in your shirt pocket or simply place it on the table, and press the top of the pen to switch on the camera. Spy video cameras can even produce quality images in low light conditions. The video recordings could be easily transmitted via its receiver to a television or VCR monitor located within 300 feet from the pen camera.

Features of spy camera

While choosing a spy camera, you should check its features. Spy cameras based on CCD technology produces images of higher resolution and can work in low light conditions. The camera should be capable of taking at least 400 lines of resolution images. Spy cameras of LUX rating below 1 are preferable to capture images in minimal light.

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