Tips to Choose Bed Comforter

Tips to Choose Bed Comforter

Tips to Choose Bed Comforter - How to Choose Bed Comforter - Bed Comforters - Luxurious Comforters | Tips on - Find TipsThere are several varieties of bed comforters available in the market. In the absence of proper knowledge of the fabric with which the comforter is made and its thread count, you might fail to make the right choice.

Thread Count

Soft luxurious comforters have a higher thread count. Thread count is the number of threads present per square inch of the fabric. The best quality comforters have a thread count above 250. These comforters are soft, light and long lasting.

The tight weave ensures that the air inside the comforter remains trapped for a longtime, retaining the lightness of the comforter for a long time. If you find that the thread count of a comforter is below 200, remember that it will lose its softness quite soon.


Comforters are filled with natural or artificial fibers. Although, the fibers themselves do not cause allergic reactions, but the dust that had remained in the natural fibers, especially in goose down, can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

To prevent allergic reactions, comforters are available which combine Syriaca or milkweed with goose down. Milkweed is capable of trapping any remnant of dust in the goose down, hence preventing allergies.

Down Comforters

Filled with white goose down, these comforters are currently considered the best quality comforter. While the expensive down comforters will be filled with only white goose down, the cheaper ones will be filled with low-grade downs or combine feathers with down.

Wool Comforter

Wool comforters are the traditional form of comforters, which keep you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. The fibers of woolen comforters are obtained from various types of sheep, Cashmere goat, Angora rabbit, llama, alpaca and camel.

Cotton Comforter

If you buy a cotton comforter of low thread count, the chances of wrinkling increases.

Silk Comforter

Silk comforter is as soft as down comforters, can breathe more than down and doesn’t trigger allergic reactions. However, they cannot be washed.

Polyester Comforter

Polyester comforters are cheaper than comforters filled with natural fibers. These are least breathable fibers, and are hence not as comfortable as comforters made from natural fibers are.

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