Tips to Choose Refrigerator For Your Home

Tips to Choose Refrigerator For Your Home

Tips to Choose Refrigerator For Your Home - How to Choose a Refrigerator for your Home - Refrigerator For a Home - Door Configurations of Refrigerator | Tips on - Find TipsRefrigerator For a Home

A refrigerator is an essential appliance for modern life. Refrigerator has expected useful life of about 15 years. So you must be very careful to choose a refrigerator for your home.

1. First you have to calculate how much space you can provide in your home for the refrigerator.

Measure the length, width and height of the space. Remember you have to leave 1 or 2 inches of clearance at the top and sides of appliance. Think about how far the fridge would expand to the room when its doors are opened.

2. Storage capacities are very important. Space occupied by shelves and hardware of a refrigerator is its storage capacity noted by the company. Actual usable capacity would be 35 % less than this capacity. Large refrigerator would consume more energy. So choose as per your family needs. A small family needs only a refrigerator of 18-22 cubic feet capacity.

3. Door configurations is another important feature. There are three types of door configuration

a. Classic side by side where refrigerator and freezer are vertical to each other.
b. Top mount model where freezer is above the refrigerator.
c. Bottom mount model where freezer is at the bottom of the unit. This model becomes more popular because it offers more space than side by side model and its refrigerator area is placed at a comfortable eye level height.

4. Refrigerator may have either a single door or double door – separate doors for freezer and refrigerator area. It is better to have separate thermostat for both freezer and refrigerator for energy saving.

5. Think about convenient features important to your family. Do you want ice-water dispenser, glide out basket and shelves, glass other than wire shelves etc.

6. Look for energy efficient refrigerator. There may be energy star for reference.

7. Aesthetic choices are important. Consider the appearance of your kitchen and other appliance. Different colors like Black, White, Almond, stainless steel are available in the market.

8. Research the cost of your choice at local stores and online. Ask about delivery, installation and after sale service.

9. A good company would give enough warranty for their product.

Never purchase an over sized and less energy efficient refrigerator.

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