Tips to Clean a Car's Interior

Tips to Clean a Car's Interior

Tips to Clean a CarCleaning the interior of the car is equally important as that of the exterior. Cleaning of the interior of the car is essential for your health also. Other wise it may cause dust allergies and other problems. You can also save money by cleaning the interior by yourself. All you need is a vacuum cleaner and certain other house hold articles. The steps given below may help you to clean the interior of your car.

Clean the Interior of the Car.

1. Remove all the junk materials from the car like used tissue paper, receipts, old magazines, junk food, umbrellas etc and keep them aside so that you check them and replace the necessaries after cleaning the car. Once again check the car for any left out coins or trashes.

2. Pull out the floor mats and waggle it to remove the easy debris.

3. Attach the hoses to the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the floor, seat surface, area around the pedals, crevices, corners, central console etc. If your seat covers are made of leather then use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the seat because harsh vacuum will damage the leather. Also use the soft brush for cleaning the doors and dashboard. Never forget to vacuum the area under the seats.

4. Floor mats has to be vacuumed thoroughly and waggle them before replacing in to the car.

5. If any of your car seats or carpets gets stains then use a carpet shampoo or laundry detergent to spray clean the area. Rub the area gently to form a light lather. Then use a wet sponge to wipe out the lather and allow it to dry in air. Never use carpet shampoo on the leather seat.

6. Wipe the windows with paper towel or window cleaner for keeping it clean. You can use laundry detergent with water to clean the dashboard. Dry the dashboard with a dry towel and make it shine with the help of a plastic polish.

7. Vinyl protective or car interior cleaning liquid can be used to work out the door handles, dashboard and other vinyl parts of the car.

8. Place an odor treatment liquid over the air vents of the car to avoid the musty smell.

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