Tips To Combat Emotional Abuse

Tips To Combat Emotional Abuse

Tips To Combat Emotional Abuse - How to Combat Emotional Abuse - Reasons for Emotional Abuse - | Tips on - Find TipsEmotional abuse is one of the malice of a relationship. Most of the time, it is the women who become victims of emotional abuse and the worst scenario being when people refuse to help the battered women from their plight. Emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse.

There can be many reasons for emotional abuse, I am not going into this detail, rather I am focusing on the ways a person could combat such abuses.

1. No matter who the abuser is, try not getting in contact with them. If at all it is necessary, then refrain from reacting. I am not asking you to be passive, just do not pay any heed to what the person says.

2. If there are no chances of you severing contacts completely, then you have to begin healing yourself in the current environment. Always remember: “Nobody can make us miserable, it is us who do that to ourselves”. This does not mean you deliberately asked for this torment, but what you did do was to remain a vulnerable victim in the eyes of that person. Try to know what made you suffer the ingenuities.

3. Ask for support from family and friends. Talk to them for comfort and solace. They can advice you better on what steps to take next. Sometimes things become difficult if children are involved but it does not mean you lose your self respect in your eyes. One day your children will understand why you separated from your husband or boy friend.

4. Your being emotionally abused shows emotional dependence on the perpetrator. Take charge of the emotions. Bring control over your feelings. Put your foot down and say ‘no’ to misbehavior.

5. Go away for a long vacation. Staying away will give you a third person perspective on the state of affairs and will help you to take action once you return.

6. Try professional therapy. Some may need them, some may not but still it is important to get some things right, things that we can’t find explanation of!

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