Tips to Console a Lady Following Miscarriage

Tips to Console a Lady Following Miscarriage

Tips to Console a Lady Following Miscarriage - How to Console Lady After Miscarrriage - Lady After Miscarriage | Tips on - Find TipsThe experience and joy of being a mother is a different feeling altogether. However in some unfortunate cases, miscarriage can also occur. With the experience of miscarriage comes a great ordeal of failure, hurt as well as disillusionment to a lady. The level of experience depends to a large extent on the stage of pregnancy.

In such cases it might become difficult for people to express their sympathy or even talk about such sensitive matter. Below are some of the tips that might enable a person to console a lady following miscarriage.


Provide the inconsolable mother with some solitude. As it is said that time is the biggest healer of all the injuries. Although there might be some cases where a lady can find instant comfort from the family but some might chose to grieve alone. So, respect her decision.


Convey your support message in an informal way so that it doesn’t seem to be false.


After the meeting in post-recovery period when you meet the lady, remain approachable and informal as ever. To a certain extent, express your sympathy over the loss of baby in a mild manner. Hold onto her hand or else embrace her to show your support and harmony.


Offer realistic and convenient advice. Proactive gestures such as preparing a home cooked food for the whole family would be an extremely appreciative gesticulation.


Lend a hand to express her grief in peace. If she desires to talk about her miscarriage, then be a good listener. If you are ready to help the grieving mother, then bear in mind that such things stretch for a longer period. Keep open all lines of communication open.


If necessary, take the person to a good physiotherapist. If your wife has undergone such a pain then offer your full support and sympathy and also give her full time to nurse back to health.

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