Tips to Cure Ringworm

Tips to Cure Ringworm

Tips to Cure Ringworm - Cure for Ringworm – Ringworm Treatment | Tips on - Find TipsRingworm is a fungal infection. It can affect both animals and humans. Fungi grow in dark and moist environment. They feed on dead cells and hair cells of skin. It takes around 4 weeks to get it cured. It is a communicable disease.

Causes of Ringworm:

Ringworm is by a group of organisms known as Dermatophytes. Touching infected animals especially cats that are the common carriers of ringworm is harmful too.

Symptoms of Ringworm:

- Affected area appears red in color but at center, the skin has normal color tone.

- The area becomes round in shape.

- Itchiness

- Severe burning sensation.

Prevention of Ringworm:

1. Wash, clean and dry your skin regularly.

2. Do not allow others to use your things like towel, brush, etc.

3. Use antibacterial soap.

Treatment of Ringworm:

1. Apply tea tree oil to the affected part for few days.

2. Apply apple cider vinegar at affected parts for several times a day but do not wash it away, let it dry and apply next above it.

3. You may apply bleach also in the similar way. However, always remember to dilute bleach with ratio approximately 1:6 where 1part is of bleach and six parts of water.

4. Apply clear nail paint on affected part and then apply next layer on the previous one. Do the same for few days.

5. You may use antifungal ointment like miconazole.

6. The doctor may prescribe using ointments containing terbinafine, like Lamisil. However, never apply it to any sensitive part of yours.

7. Ringworm favors moist condition so apply salted seawater on the affected area for 30 minutes, which will absorb all the moisture from that area.

Note: Tea tree oil, vinegar, and bleach may affect your skin adversely. Therefore, you must first apply it on the inner part of your arm and leave it as it is overnight then proceed only if it did not show any harmful effects.

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