Tips To Decipher The Body Language Of The Woman

Tips To Decipher The Body Language Of The Woman

Tips To Decipher The Body Language Of The Woman - Body Language of a Woman - How to Understand a Woman - Understanding a Woman | Tips on - Find TipsA woman is still a mystery to the millions of men out there. They find women complicated, not because men are any less complicated, but because men fail to catch up on the subtle signals women give to understand them better.

This leads to more and more chaos and the end result- “Men are form mars and women are from Venus”. But science shows that the method of human communication is more non-verbal than verbal. If a man can understand the subtle nuances, he can as well understand “what does a woman want?”

Below are some pointers:

1. If she constantly fiddles with a pen or stick- it shows how nervous and interested she is.

2. If she pays more attention to her hair or is smoothing her clothes- it shows how her mind is occupied with making the best of impressions.

3. If her arms are folded across her chest tightly- it shows how defensive she is getting against you. Do two things in such a situation: move away from her or change the current subject.

4. If her eyes are focused on you- she is clearly interested!

5. If her eyes wander around in the room- she feels claustrophobic and wants to run away from you as soon as possible. It is the same if she sits sideways and does not listen to you.

6. If she is all the time stroking her hair when you are around- it means she wants you to notice her. She will flip her hair here and there and try to attract your attention.

7. If she puts her hands across her chest- finally, you have said or done something worthwhile to touch that particular chord somewhere in her heart. This is a clear indication of her liking.

It is not difficult to understand a woman. Just concentrate on her body language.

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