Tips to Decorate Hallway

Tips to Decorate Hallway

Tips to Decorate Hallway - Tips to Decorate Corridor and Staircase - Decorating Hallway - How to Decorate Corridor and Staircase | Tips on - Find TipsWhile we can easily decorate the rooms of our house, finding the right decor for the corridor and hallway, or decorating the staircase and landing is a difficult task. The corridors and staircases are often the most neglected part of our house. These passages often do not find any mention in our interior decoration ideas. However, leaving these spaces in your room undecorated makes your house appear dull and unattractive. Here are some tips of decorating the unused spaces of your house.


While moving between the rooms in your house, you have to pass through the corridors. An empty corridor, deprived of decors, creates a feeling of emptiness. The best way to make this space vibrant is to hang pictures on the walls of the corridors. Family photographs and paintings can be hung on the corridor walls. Decorative wall hangings, murals and lamps add color and life to an empty corridor. You can also add a bookshelf in a wide corridor.


Hallway is another problematic part of interior decoration. This is often the most important part of your house, where your guests first step in. Your hallway might look similar to the corridor, but its decoration should be distinct from your corridor decors. You can use wallpapers or paints to create a feeling of warmth. You can paint one of the end walls of the hallway with a warm color, such as shades of red, purple, orange and green. Wallpapers with bold patters can also create warmth.


Similar to the corridor, the walls along your staircase can be adorned with photographs, paintings and murals. You can also paste wallpapers on the wall. The space below the staircase should be used carefully. If you want to use it as a storage space for keeping your shoes or brooms, built a neat cabinet to stash these things. The space below the staircase can also be used for keeping indoor plants. This space should be properly illuminated.

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