Tips to decorate your Little Girl's Room

Tips to decorate your Little Girl's Room

Tips to decorate your Little GirlDesigning your kids’ room is not an easy task. Decorating the room where your children will play, study and relax is a major challenge for most parents. Designing your daughter’s bedroom can be quite different from decorating your son’s bedroom. Little girls are generally attracted with storybook themes, whereas boys prefer something sporty.

The easiest way of decorating your children’s room is to select a theme close to your child’s heart and add decors to the room based on that theme. Here are some themes, which you can use for your daughter’s room

Girl room design theme

Storybook theme

If your daughter loves storybooks, you can design her room based on one of her favorite books. Children’s books are always colorful with several illustrations. Choose a main color from her book on the walls and the upholsteries. Search for wallpapers and fabrics with her favorite storybook characters printed on them. You can also paste illustrations from the book on the furniture in the room.

Fairy theme

Fairies are always a popular theme among little girls. To decorate her room based on this theme, you should use pastel shades, pink, lavender and blue on the walls and upholsteries. Wallpapers and decorative borders with fairies printed on them are easily available. You can also place canopy bed in the room to accentuate the fairyland atmosphere. Paste fairy stickers, hang fairy wings and wands and put some fairy glitter on certain portions of the wall and furniture.

Princess theme

Princess theme closely resembles the fairy theme for decorating your daughter’s bedroom, but it is more focused on decorative items. Solid colors with shades of silver and pink are best for this theme. Several accessories based on Disney princess themes are easily available, which you can use for adorning the room. Soft glossy fabrics should be used for upholsteries, curtains and bed sheets. Use decorative pillows. You can also create a dressing space for your little princess with a wall length mirror.

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