Tips to Design your Son's Room

Tips to Design your Son's Room

Tips to Design your SonIf your son like most other little boys loves sports and cars, you can use any of these themes for decorating your little son’s room.

Sport theme

First, find out your child’s favorite sport. Design his room based on his favorite sport theme. If your son likes soccer, you can use the upholstery with referee stripes on the bed linen, pillows and in window treatments. If you are good at needlework, you can make pillow covers or throw pillows with the jerseys of his favorite team. If your son loves basketball, you can draw a basketball court on the wall and put a court side bench beside the wall.

If you want to include a locker for additional storage, add a basketball hoop where your son can keep his dirty clothes. For baseball lovers, the color of the room and upholstery might be inspired by the color of his favorite baseball team. You can use baseball bats for making curtain rods or headboards. Search for sports trophies, sports equipments and pennants to make the room more attractive.

Automobile theme

You can also consider using train, airplane or racecar themes for decorating your son’s room. Paint murals on the walls depicting several railway features, such as, railway crossing, tunnel, and station and flashing train light. Use you child’s name to name the station. If you cannot paint the murals yourself, you can purchase ready-made mural. Wall borders with train themes can also be used. If you want to decorate, your child’s rooms with airplane theme, consider hanging airplane models at different heights from the ceiling.

The color of the wall and the upholsteries should be shades of blue. You can also paint white clouds on the walls. Racecars are a favorite theme among little boys. For decorating the walls or while choosing fabrics, you can opt for black and white checkered patterns and the color of the flags used in the racing track. You can even hang little yellow and red flags in the room.

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