Tips To Detect A Work At Home Scam

Tips To Detect A Work At Home Scam

Tips To Detect A Work At Home Scam - Work At Home Scam - Working At Home Scams - Work At Home Job Scams | Tips on - Find TipsThousands of people get scammed daily with lucrative offers promising an insane amount of money through get rich quick schemes. Sadly, many fall for this bait and lose ample amount of money, more so when credit card details are at stake.

This article gives you some pointers as to how to detect a scam.

- Google the name of the company or the site name you want to register in. For the past few years, details of fraudulent income opportunities have been maintained to help the masses. Websites like the Better Business Bureau or the USPS Fraud Inspection Service help a lot. Another way is- type ‘“company name” is a scam’ and you get all the details.

- Look out for contact information like address or phone number. Legitimate websites will have real contact information. But, in scam sites, there are no phone numbers. Instead there is an email form or online chats which are clearly not managed by humans at the other end. It is so mechanical. Never let out your information on email forms.

- The sales letter is too good to be true. They all relate the same story: how the owner left his job just after working 6 months on the new system. Any day try reading several work at home job sites and the spam will clearly be visible. Even the testimonials are same. A while ago before writing this article, I landed upon two websites having the same sales letter with 3 differences: contact info, website name and the picture of the owner.

- Lastly, the thumb rule. Why should you pay first for a job you haven’t yet started? Legitimate work at home jobs do not ask for upfront money. The scam sites try to sell you e-books which apparently do not reach the destination ever or for a fee of $10, they promise to send you a list of paying websites. Sure the list does exist but does not work!

Everybody wants to earn extra money but be aware of scams.

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