Tips To Detect Email Scams

Tips To Detect Email Scams

Tips To Detect Email Scams - How To Detect Email Scams - Email Scams - Email Scam Victims | Tips on - Find TipsEmail scams- another invention by the scammers to trap unsuspecting people. Scammers come up with new and exclusive methods daily and believe me; sometimes you are tempted to fall into the hoax even though all your rational antennas guide you otherwise. Once I saved myself from becoming a willing victim.

Here are some pointers to guide you through email scams.

- Suspect those emails carrying an email id unknown to you. Many of us must have received emails claiming we have won lottery worth millions. How can you win when you do not even have a lottery ticket? But still some do fall prey to them. Apart from lottery email scams there are job scams these days. Yesterday my friend got a freelance job offer but we suspected it and googled the company name. Our suspicions were true!

- Never ever give out password, bank account details or social security numbers to anyone. There are email scams that ‘supposedly’ claim to have come from banks or email providers like Yahoo or Gmail wanting your details for updating account. If you have already given your details, do not be shocked if large amount of money suddenly disappears. File a criminal complaint under cyber laws of your country.

- One of the best ways to check email fraud: when you click the reply button, it does not work. So you have to go back, click ‘compose mail’ and type out the email id. Even if the reply button works, right click on the email address and select ‘properties’. It lets you know the address you are sendi

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