Tips To Detect Online Dating Scams

Tips To Detect Online Dating Scams

Tips To Detect Online Dating Scams - Tips How to Detect Online Relationship Scammers - How to Detect Online Dating Scams - Online Dating Scams | Tips on - Find TipsOnline dating- a new and frequently used way by young and old alike to connect with members of the opposite sex. Sadly, scammers have not left out this area too. What do they scam about? What is the motive? Money and of course some fun!

How to detect online scams?

- You never get to see the real person. I mean, the photos looks fake and he/she never agree to have an online webcam chat. The excuses and reasons appear to be flimsy. Sometimes people do not even send their pictures so you are at a loss as to whom you are connecting with. There is only a profile for you and many other unsuspecting daters to see.

- Either there is no contact information or the contact information given is false. Most of the time, scammers pay men and women to call you up and sweet talk. This is just a trick on their part to convince you of the authenticity of the person at the other end. The call can never be traced or the card used for calling is a fake id.

- This is the interesting part: some scammers do have the guts to meet you and play the battered person (mostly these are woman impersonators) to gain sympathy. Once I read an online journal of a person who was scammed by a girl from Indonesia of thousands of dollars- he used to be at her beck and call, one fine day when he returned home, she called up saying she is pregnant and asked for a lump sum to maintain her silence. When he did not agree, they (it is a gang) begin to blackmail him! Surely, you do not want to land up in such a mess.

- Scammers make sure to get your sympathies by telling sad but make believe stories. They can easily understand who is an easy target to con.

Not all people are scammers. Make sure you do a background check if you like someone before taking the relationship further. Better to pay a detective agency than cry foul later on!

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