Tips To Detect Scam Websites

Tips To Detect Scam Websites

Tips To Detect Scam Websites - How To Detect Scam Websites - Ways to Detect Scam Websites - Scam Websites | Tips on - Find TipsWho wants to be a millionaire in 3 months? Internet is not a get rich quick money machine that we are made to believe by scamming websites. Neither there is any autopilot system to churn out thousands of dollars nor there any method which can pay you $300 per hour. These are marketing gimmicks to increase product sales which do not benefit the buyers most of the time.

The article lists some of the ways to detect scam websites.

- Most scam sites have the same sales letter with minor variations such as website name, picture of the owner, price of the product and the signature. The testimonials are the same too. Once I had signed up for a website that makes free web pages on the products you choose. Unbelievably, I just enrolled and the web page was ready in seconds with complete testimonials.

- Do not fall for ‘once I was poor working 16 hours a day and now I just laze around while the autopilot earns thousands daily’. This is too good to be true. Money does not come so easily. We have to work hard equally to earn from internet.

- Before signing up, just Google the name of the website. For instance, Google: ‘name of website is a scam/ is a fraud’. These days there are consumer complaint forums for such matters and once you Google everything will be clear.

- Even if the site seems to be a legitimate one, make sure to research on it. Call them and ask about more information on the product and its usage.

- If you suspect any site, never give out your information even if it’s an email id. Sometimes what we do is register for newsletters. Surprisingly they stop coming after few weeks and you, the buyer, become a target for all scams and fraudulent activities. You get emails asking you to join a site which has good earning potential etc. Remember: scammers are paid for making people sign up.

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