Tips to Dye the Wool using Natural Ingredients

Tips to Dye the Wool using Natural Ingredients

Tips to Dye the Wool using Natural Ingredients - How to Dye The Wool - Natural Ingredients to Dye Wool | Tips on - Find TipsNatural dyes offers brilliant colors and you can easily color the wool with natural dyes. It’s an interesting hobby that you can try to make your wool look better. It’s a great fun to collect flowers, fruits, leaves, nuts, roots etc and turn them in to beautiful dyes that can be used for decorating your wools. The following steps will help you to dye your clothes.

Steps to Dye the Wool

1. Make dye from flowers or fruits or roots of your preference and obtain the color that you want. Also manage to get good quality wool and make your wool ready to dye.

2. Mordant is essential for fixing the color well on the wool. You can use cream of tartar, alum, chrome etc as mordant. However alum is considered as the safest one and is used at the rate of 8% alum for 100 gram fibers. If you are using cream of tartar then take 7% of it for 100 gram fibers.

3. Dip the wool in a pot containing mordant and boil it. Once it gets boiled them maintain it in simmer for one hour. You can leave your wool in the pot for overnight or for a few more hours so that you can make sure each and every part of your wool is rich in mordant.

4. Now wash the wool in warm soap water and then in clean water or in luke warm water.

5. Take the ink for dying in a pot and keep in the stove till it becomes luke warm and then immerse the wool in the dye and heat it in simmer for an hour. Use a piece of wooden or glass rod to turn the wool at times. You can also add water if the amount of ink is less.

6. Lift the wool in between to check the color and heat it till the shade of the color is darker than what you want. Then squeeze the wool mildly and leave it in a cool place for drying. After drying the wool rinse it in cold water and then dry it again in a cool place.

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