Tips To Earn Money From Blogging

Tips To Earn Money From Blogging

Tips To Earn Money From Blogging - Ways to Earn Through Blog - How to Earn Through Blog - Making Money Through Blog | Tips on - Find TipsApart from blogging being a smart way to connect with the world, it is an interesting way to earn too. Many people have the misconception that blogging will give thousands of dollars. If you are one of this brigade, sad to disappoint you.

The fact is, unless you are an owner of a yahoo or Google or a dot com mogul, it is next to impossible. People into blogging put in hard work for many years, and then only they can safely claim- ‘blogging gives money’.

So is it wrong trying your luck? No. Let us see some of the ways to earn through blog.

1. Google Adsense-

You allow Google to place advertisements on your blog. The best thing- ‘they pay’. For a new blogger, this is the best proven method. Sign up for an Adsense account, get the publisher id and you are paid for the links people click on the blog. There is Adsense for search, Adsense for content and Adsense for feed.

2. Direct Advertising-

Other advertisers place ads on various products. You are paid for every sale generated from your site.

3. Affiliating-

Sign up with company products and services. They may charge small fees for maintaining your account with them. Pay only to reliable companies. After sign up, you become a referrer or an affiliate. They place various links about products and you earn for referring people to join them or generating sales for them. Most common affiliate programs are, Clickbank and Commission Junction. Remember, choose only those products for display that match the content of your blog.

4. E-books-

If you have thorough knowledge on a subject and feel that people will benefit from your knowledge, write an e-book. Advertise the end product on other portals with a link back to your site. Write about the book on other blogs to generate interest. In fact, if the topic of the book is vast enough, then make the blog revolve around the book only, which means writing about the topic in the book and occasionally reviewing other books too.

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