Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Getting Pregnant - Tips on Getting Pregnant - How to get Pregnant - What to Avoid While Getting Pregnant | Tips on - Find TipsEnhance Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy and a healthy child is every woman’s dream. If you are planning to have a baby then takes care of your health. There are many couples who wait long to have a baby. Here are some tips to enhance your chances for pregnancy.

1. It will be best to consult a doctor before getting pregnant. This is because they will make you undergo a through check up. They will help you to correct any abnormalities that you may have in your uterus. All these will reduce the risks and problems in pregnancy.

2. Avoid the use of birth control pills at least six months before trying to get pregnant.

3. Maintain your weight as normal; don’t be under weight or over weight.

4. Take good rest with enough sleep for at least 7 ½ hours.

5. Take well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Try to have maximum vitamins and proteins especially vitamin B. Avoid fats and sweets in your diet.

6. Avoid drinking and smoking habits as it affects your health and to a large extend your baby’s health will be depends on your health.

7. Regular intake of folic acid tablets are found to be beneficial as it will improve the production of red blood cells and will reduce the birth defects.

8. Practice reasonable exercise daily to keep you healthy.

9. Keep your genitals clean and neat and avoid the use of artificial lubricants or sprays in the vagina as the chemicals in these artificial sprays will affect the performance of the sperms.

10. Try to find out the ovulation period as the woman will be more fertile during this period. At this time there will be more fluid discharge and white secretions from the uterus and vagina. Try to have intercourse at this period.

11. Avoid the body movements up to 20 minutes after having sex. This will avoid the leakage of semen. You can also insert a pillow under your pelvis to enhance the semen movement towards the uterus.

12. Avoid all other stress while having sex as the stress will cause hormonal imbalance which in turn affects your fertility.

13. Restrict the number of intercourse prior to the ovulation period as it will improve the quality and quantity of the semen.

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