Tips to Explore Australia By Car

Tips to Explore Australia By Car

Tips to Explore Australia By Car - Explore Australia with Car - How to Explore Australia By Car - Explore Australia | Tips on - Find TipsAustralia is a wonderful country, packing with stunning picturesque locales. While there are different ways of touring the country, but nothing can be as exciting as exploring the country by car. To enjoy driving on the Australian roads, visitors should follow certain norms.

Arriving in Australia

About forty international airlines join eight major Australian cities to the prominent cities around the world. Domestic airliners will take you throughout the length and breadth of this marvelous country. Foreign tourists need a valid passport and a valid visa. Australian authorities follow strict quarantine regulations.

As soon as you arrive at an airport, you should declare all food, plant and animal products, including fruits, seeds, nuts and meat. False declaration will attract a fine of Australian$220 or prosecution and imprisonment. Visitors are allowed to bring up to 2.25 liters of alcohol, 250 cigarettes and dutiable goods worth Australian$900. Visitors should also declare cash above Australian$10,000 or equivalent amount in foreign currency in their possession.

Weather condition

The roads of Australia are open to traffic throughout the year. The sunny and cool Australian climate makes it a tourist destination at all times of the year. However, remember that from December to February, Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory become quite hot. From January to March, Australia receives most of its annual rainfall. June to October is the skiing season in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Driving preparations

While hiring a car, the rental agencies might ask for an International Driving Permit. In the absence of an International Driving Permit, you can present the driving license issued in your country, but it should be written in English.

Before embarking your trip, buy a road map, guidebook and road atlas. You can plan your own route or avail a self-drive travel package from a travel agency.

The size of the vehicle will depend on the number of adults and children to accompany you on the trip. Vehicles fitted with GPS navigation systems can be advantageous. If you are traveling with babies or toddlers, you will need government approved baby seats for your vehicle. Several travel agencies will complete the car rental process on your behalf, even before you land in the country.

Rental charges will depend on unlimited or limited kilometers, delivery and drop off fees and taxes. In Australia, car hires must be insured.

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