Tips to Gain Weight for Underweight Children

Tips to Gain Weight for Underweight Children

Considering the fact that child obesity is bad, it is but natural that you should control the eating habits of your child, if he is more prone towards eating oily stuff, cheese, carbonated drinks and juices and junk food.  However there is also a certain section of underweight children in the society.

There are parents who worry on how their kids can gain weight. Of course this is true but you always feel good when your child eats well and is healthy physically and growing. If your child is underweight, that means he is not getting enough calories from his food and drink.

What foods are suitable to gain weight?

Always select those food items with high calories, fat and protein as these foods help the child to gain weight.  Presenting below a list of such food items:

          A Healthy Balanced Diet

          Your child needs  nutrient and energy which come from a healthy balanced diet. A good balanced diet should include carbohydrates, calcium, protein,  and a portion of fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet includes starchy carbohydrates like rice, pasta, and potatoes which should be included in his lunch and dinner. His diet should also include proteins like milk, fish,  meat, beans, pulses, and eggs. The child should have fruits and vegetables everyday.

          For snacks, sandwiches with protein fillings like cheese or eggs, dried fruits like raisins, avocados , nuts  like pecans, pistachios, almonds, peanuts cashews, cheese on brown bread, cheese and crackers, cereals with milk, bananas, yogurt are all good for your child. A low intake of saturated fats found in cakes, biscuits is good. Give diluted juice instead of fizzy drinks. Chocolates, cakes, sweets are good occasionally.

          Tips to Gain Weight for Underweight Children

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