Tips to Get Rid of Acidity

Tips to Get Rid of Acidity

Tips to Get Rid of Acidity - Causes of Acidity - Home Remedy for Acidity - How to Treat Acidity | Tips on - Find TipsAcidity is one of the most common problems suffered by people in their daily life. The most general causes of acidity in the sedentary lifestyle are the overindulgence in spicy foodstuff, fatty substances, overeating of chocolates, excess drinking of alcohol and smoking. Even excess of negative emotional responses such as fury and anxiety can also develop acidity. The common symptoms of acidity are flaming commotion either in chest or stomach, nausea and loss of hunger.

How to Treat Acidity

• Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water which facilitates in the process of digestion and also the removal pf toxins from the body.

• Eat balanced amount of fruits of pineapple and papaya which is full of bromelin plus papain. These elements act as natural appetizer.

• It is also possible that sometimes a person is allergic to some kind of food that may cause acidity. Monitor your consumption pattern.

• Make an effort to reduce those foodstuffs that is known to contain acidic elements, such as caffeine, tomatoes, alcohol fatty or spicy food.

• It also happens that sometimes undue strain can also cause acidity in your stomach. Start off exercising and meditation.

• Eat food when you actually feel hungry but not because others are eating.

• Try to consume more and more green vegetables which are a great source of numerous vitamins.

• The most common home remedy to relieve you of acidity is to drink a glass of cold milk that will instantly relieve you of acidity and also prevent its occurrence.

• Another simple remedy for treating acidity is to chew a little portion of jaggery maximum four times in a day.

• You can also eat the fruit of banana, cucumber and water melon which are known to contain cooling properties to minimize the effects of acidity. You can also drink one glass juice of raw carrot or orange.

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