Tips to Grill Vegetables

Tips to Grill Vegetables

Tips to Grill Vegetables - How to Grill Vegetables - Grilling Vegetables Tips - Grilling Vegetables | Tips on - Find TipsGrilled vegetables can be used for various purposes. It can be served with vegetarian meals, tossed with salad dressing, topping for pizza or it can be wrapped in flat breads. Grilled vegetables are good for health. For making quality grilled vegetables you have to choose vegetables that has high water content like eggplant, zucchini, peppers, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, radicchio, potatoes etc. It is better to avoid broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and leafy vegetables.

Grill the Vegetables

1. Wash the vegetables thoroughly to avoid the residues of pesticides in them. Lemon juice or baking soda can be used for washing the vegetables. You have to cut the big ones in to smaller pieces.

2. Blanch the vegetables for a few minutes before grilling and then marinate the vegetables with the desired mix and keep it for fifteen minutes. Now brush oil on the vegetables as this will help to avoid sticking on to the grill. Otherwise you have to cook them in vegetable baskets or foil pouch.

3. Set the grill in a medium heat either in the gas or in charcoal. Place the vegetables straight on the grid of the grill on skewers. If you are using metal skewers then oil then before threading the vegetables. If it is a wooden skewer then soak them in water 30 minutes prior to cooking and this will prevent fire. Otherwise you can keep the vegetables inside a pouch made of heavy duty aluminum foil of 12 inch square or in a vegetable basket. If you are using vegetable baskets then spray them with pam for grilling.

4. Start with the vegetables that take more time to get cooked. Peppers or potatoes will take more time when compared to tomatoes. Turn the vegetables in between to grill them evenly and you can also marinate them while grilling.

5. When the vegetables attain a stage in which you can pierce a fork easily in to them, remove them from grill and allow it to cool for five minutes.

Now your grilled vegetables are ready to serve.

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