Tips to Grow Begonias

Tips to Grow Begonias

Tips to Grow Begonias - How to Plant Begonia - How to Grow Begonia | Tips on - Find TipsIf begonias enchant you with their heavenly beauty, consider adorning your garden with these wonderful plants.

Begonia types
There are several varieties of begonia, but the two popular categories of begonia that can be easily grown in any home garden are the wax begonias and the tuberous begonias. Begonias with their single or double small blossoms and lovely foliage can be grown throughout the year. They are popularly grown as bedding plants. Begonias can grow throughout the year, but they cannot tolerate frost during the winter season.

Planting begonia
To make the garden bed, you must mix soil with sand and peat moss. Begonias are susceptible to extreme moist condition. Therefore, the soil of your garden should be well drained. Begonias need lots of sunshine, but if you live in a place, which is too hot, and dry during the summer, the plant should be shaded from extreme heat and sun. Plant the begonias only when there are no traces of frost. Water the soil well. The soil should not become too dry in the interval between two successive watering.

Begonias do not require too much care, but sprinkling the surrounding soil occasionally with organic fertilizer is good for the growth of the plant and the quality of its bloom. Begonias keep on producing flowers, until the winter frost kills the plants. The tuberous begonia is grown in the same way as the wax begonia. However, always see that the hollow side of the tuber is at the same level as the surface of the soil.

Growing begonias in pot
Begonias can also be planted in pots. Check whether the pot in which the plant will be planted has drainage holes. Mix soil with sand and peat moss. Water the plant only when the surface of the soil becomes dry to touch. Potted plants could be easily saved from the winter frost and extreme heat. Bring the pot indoors with the onset of the winter season and keep it out in the open in the spring.

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