Tips to Grow Garlic

Tips to Grow Garlic

Tips to Grow Garlic - How to Grow Garlic - Garlic Growing Tips - | Tips on - Find TipsGarlic comes under the allium family and is bulbous garden herb used for seasoning food. It has many medicinal properties like for curing high blood pressure, heart diseases, skin diseases and even for cancer. It is a good home remedy for many diseases. You can grow garlic easily in your herb garden. The taste of home made garlic is excellent and once you taste it then you won’t purchase it from market.

How to Grow Garlic

1. Garlic bulbs are used for planting. The ideal time for planting garlic bulbs are late fall or early winter. First of all you have to purchase good garlic bulbs from a reliable nursery.

2. Garlic prefers full sun and a soil with pH ranging between 5.0 and 8.0. You have to select a site in your home where all these requirements are met.

3. Now dig the soil properly up to a depth of 8 to 12 inch and remove all the weeds and stubbles from the soil. Next you have to mix compost with the soil to get good fertility to the soil and to meet the drainage and soil moisture retention of the soil.

4. Plant garlic bulbs six weeks prior to winter and take care to plant large and healthy individual unpeeled cloves. Tinged and small cloves have to be discarded. While planting cloves make sure that the pointed end face up and plant them to a depth of 2 inch in the soil. The spacing between the coves must be 5 inch. If you are planting the giant elephant garlic the depth of planting must be 3 inch and the spacing must be 10 inch.

5. Once you have finished planting then top dress the soil with enough mulch and compost. This will check the weed growth and will retain moisture also. When the winter starts again mulch the soil in order to protect the plants from cold.

6. At the beginning of spring remove the top layer of mulch and allow the soil to get the warmness of the sun. When the garlic start to sprout mulch the soil again and remove the flower stalks if developed. This will help to develop large bulbs.

7. Provide the plants with sprays of compost tea and you can spray twice in the spring. Water the plants once in a week with an inch of water till the leaves turning to yellow and begin to fall.

8. When around ¾ of the leaves turned yellow, the garlic will be ready to harvest.

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