Tips to Grow Orchid inside Your House

Tips to Grow Orchid inside Your House

Tips to Grow Orchid inside Your House - Easy Tips to Grow Orchid Indoor - How To Grow Orchid inside Your Home - How to Care for Orchid | Tips on - Find TipsIndoor Orchid

Orchid is an outdoor plant and you might be heard that it is difficult to grow an orchid inside the house. But it is not an impossible task. You can grow your favorite orchid inside your house with some special cares.

Tips to Grow Orchid Inside the House

1. Orchid needs good light for at least 12 hours a day. You can keep your plant in a window that faces west or east. The plant must be protected from direct sun. You can also provide artificial fluorescent light to the plant in winter. Remove the plant from the window if you have a chilling night.

2. Indoor orchid plant requires periodical watering. It is advisable to water the plant once in a week. You can take the orchid pot to your sink and allow the water to flow continuously for one minute. This will help to wash away the accumulated salts and will provide water to the plant. Care must be taken to drain the plant completely before placing it back to the fancy pot. You can check the water requirements of the plant by feeling the growing medium up to one inch deep.

3. You must provide the required humidity to the orchid inside your house. Orchid prefers 50% to 70% humidity but our house will have a less humidity of 40%. You need to supplement this humidity either by spraying mist on the plant or by keeping the plant in tray containing water and pebbles. While placing the orchid pot in a tray of water pebbles, you must ensure that the orchid pot is not in direct contact with the water in the tray it must sit on the pebbles. Because this will cause capillary rise of water in to the orchid pot and cause water stagnation inside.

4. Orchids need good ventilation for their healthy growth. They can’t tolerate stuffy and hot conditions.

5. Orchid can tolerate temperature ranging between 55 to 85 degree F. a temperature difference of 10 degree F between day and night is essential for flowering. This can be achieved by dropping the night temperature to 10 degree F using room coolers.

6. Fertilize your orchid plant weekly or once in two weeks. If you are fertilizing weekly then use a quarter dose of 20:20:20 N: P: K fertilizer. If it is once in two weeks then adopt a half dose.

You can enjoy the beauty of your orchid from your house itself. It must be the beautiful decorative that you possess in your home.

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