Tips to Grow Rhododendron

Tips to Grow Rhododendron

Tips to Grow Rhododendron - Rhododendron Care - How to Grow Rhododendron | Tips on - Find TipsRhododendron is a popular flowering bush. Although, they are related to Azaleas, but there are slight variations between the two plants. Rhododendron plants grow taller than Azaleas, with bigger flowers and leaves. Most Rhododendron varieties are evergreen plants. You can easily grow these plants in your garden.

Planting Rhododendrons
It would require a lot of patience to grow a rhododendron plant from seed. You have to wait for at least two years to see the first blossoms of the plant. If you are not willing to wait for that long, walk into a store to buy a full-bloomed plant, which can be transplanted in your garden. Small bushes will make your transplanting process easier. Transplanting should be done in early spring or early autumn. To protect the shallow roots of the plant, manually remove the weeds, growing around the plants.

Temperature and soil
Rhododendrons originally belong to the tropical and temperate regions. Although, they can adapt to all types of climatic conditions, but it is difficult for the plants to survive in extreme harsh cold winter. Rhododendron plants should be protected from strong midday sun and strong wind. Hence, it is preferable to grow the plants in shade. To protect the plant from strong wind, grow the plant along a hedge. These plants prefer slightly acidic soil, with pH5.5. Add rotten manure, peat, leaf mold and inorganic matters to enhance the acidity of the soil. Water the plants regularly, especially during the dry season. Moist soils are required to grow healthy rhododendron plants.

Pruning makes the plant bushy. However, pruning has the danger of spoiling the bloom for the following two or three years. Instead of pruning the plant in the initial years, allow it to grow naturally. Prune after a couple of years, when your rhododendron bush becomes too tall.

Pest Control
Lace bugs, root weevil and stem borers often attack rhododendron plants. Apply insecticides or fungicides only when the need arises. To prevent insect attack, buy healthy plants from garden stores. Ensure that the soil, in which you plant your rhododendrons, is well drained. The dying and dead stems should be pruned.

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