Tips to Handle a Car Accident

Tips to Handle a Car Accident

Tips to Handle a Car Accident - Car Accident - Handling a Car Accident - What to do After a Car Accident - Coping with a Car Accident | Tips on - Find TipsIn the aftermath of a car accident, adrenalin levels go high but still it’s advisable to maintain you’re cool. This helps you cope up with a car-accident better.

Always keep the first-aid kit handy in your car. This should essentially have an antiseptic cream and bandages.

You should also keep a notepad, a pen and a camera. If you accidentally meet with an accident, then make it a point to note down the vehicle brand and number with which you have met with an accident. Also note down the spot, road-name, date, time and weather conditions. Get the witness also, if possible.

All the car travelers should memorize their blood groups and also note them down on a piece of paper along with name and age. This can hasten the medical treatment in case of emergencies.


Whichever object you have collided with, like a person, animal, vehicle, or a structure, switch off your engine and put on your hazard lights. Check for any injury to anyone and call police/ambulance.

Exchange Details:

If you have collided with another car and it runs away without stopping, then note down its registration number, color and model-make. Call the police and give them the details. Be sure not to admit your liability or it may affect your insurance claims. Please move out of the vehicle if it catches fire and please don’t panic.

First – Aid:

All of us have a basic knowledge of first-aid. Someone who is in a reasonably better position to help should move out and administer first-aid to injured persons. But don’t move seriously injured persons as it may aggravate their pain and injury. Try to give the injured assurances and relief till professional help arrives.

Just a dent!

If nobody is hurt and the vehicles involved in the accident can be driven safely with minimum damage to their body, then it is rather practical to not call the police/ambulance and don’t get into an unnecessary argument with other driver. If two reasonable people meet with an accident, then the one out of two, who feels responsible should compensate the other with some currency.

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