Tips to Handle Jet Lag

Tips to Handle Jet Lag

Tips to Handle Jet Lag - Symptoms of Jet Lag - Causes of Jet Lag - Remedies for Jetlag | Tips on - Find TipsJet lag is caused due traveling across the time zones. It is termed as a psychological disorder that occurs due to the changes of the circadian rhythms.

When you travel across a number of time zones, the rhythm of your body clock gets disturbed. Therefore, it requires certain amount of extra time to get into sync with the time of your final destination.


After a long distance, international flight a jetlag might be a common thing to handle. The long distance flight is followed by lengthy custom and immigration procedures, which in themselves are very tedious in nature.

The common symptoms of jet lag are dizziness, drowsiness, headache, energy loss, lack of appetite, etc. As an effect of jetlag, you might feel confused, interrupted and disorganized. Forgetting to lock your hotel room door or misplacing an important business documents will be common at this point.

You will feel fatigued and uncomfortable for no reason. The sudden change in weather may also cause dehydration. Apart from this, you may also experience cramps in your limbs due to sitting in the same position for long hours.


Here are some of the common tips to handle jetlag.


You can take small dose of melatonin tablets after consulting your medical practitioner. Melatonin is the enzyme secreted from the pineal gland in the brain, which helps to regulate our body clock and assists the body to adjust to its present surrounding, quickly.

There is another harmless homeopathic remedy to jetlag called “No Jet Lag” made of arnica, bellis perinnis, chammomila, etc.

Sleeping off:

It is always good to take a long and sound good night sleep just before the day of your travel. Jetlag effects are less on individuals who are relaxed and energetic as compared to tired and worn out people.

You can also take a long sleep during the flight. This will help you to pass your time as well as stay fresh on arrival. On arrival try to avoid a quick nap rather go to bed on normal local time and help your body to adjust to the new time zone.


Always take very light meal before the flight. Try to store your energy for other purposes then digesting a heavy meal. You should also drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic fluids both before and during the flight.

Alcohol and caffeine enhances jetlag so always avoid them before and during long flights. Instead, you can take valerian tea, as this herb has a very calm and soothing effect on our minds.

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