Tips to Handle Workplace Violence

Tips to Handle Workplace Violence

Tips to Handle Workplace Violence - How to Deal with Workplace Violence - Preventing Workplace Violence | Tips on - Find TipsWorkplace violence is on the rise especially due to recession as a large chunk of the working population is being laid off by companies. In such scenarios, it is essential that the management take necessary precautions to curb workplace violence. Below are given some beneficial methods that every company must follow:

1. Do thorough background checks of the newly hired employees to see if they have past background of violent activities. Recruitment of such employees can poison the office environment and increase the risk of violent activities.

2. The security system of the office space must be perfect. The security guards should be vigilant and observant all the time. Security cameras must be installed at every nook and corner; monitored 24 hours. Give clear indication to the security personnel’s to check strangers in the office compounds and the employees thoroughly to see if they are carrying any harmful materials. Strangers entering the office compound should be given a visiting ID after being properly frisked.

3. Do not put excessive workload on the employees or indulge in favoritism. These things heighten the pressure on the employees as they tend to believe that they are going to be given the pink slip in comparison to the one being favored by the management.

4. Conduct regular meetings with employees at all levels of management. Let them know where the company is heading and how it is progressing. Do not concoct false stories to raise the hopes of employees. If there are chances of more employees getting laid off, let them know this fact clearly. Also mention that there will not be any partiality. This will give them time to plan their future ahead.

5. Monitor the performance of the employees at regular intervals. A stressed out employee will not perform his best. Talk to such employees and recommend counseling if need be. Pent up emotions and negative environment at office leads to violent outbursts.

6. Keep emergency numbers handy all the time and send copies of number lists to all the departments.

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