Tips to Hang Wallpaper

Tips to Hang Wallpaper

Tips to Hang Wallpaper - How to Hang Wallpaper - Hanging Wallpaper - Tips on Hanging Wallpaper | Tips on - Find TipsNow that you have decided to install wallpapers in your room, you must also be aware of the exact method of hanging these beauties on your wall. A job badly done will ruin your wallpaper as well as the appearance of your room. To prevent bubbles and wrinkles, you should be extremely careful, while hanging the wallpapers.

Apply primer on the wall

To allow the wallpaper to stick firmly to the wall of your room, you should first apply a primer coating on the wall. The primer protects your wall from any possible damage caused by the adhesive of the wallpaper as well as provides a smooth surface on which the wallpaper could be installed easily without wrinkling.

Preparing the layout

First, decide where you will hang the wallpaper. Remember to hang the wallpaper in such a manner, so that the first strip of the paper is aligned with the last strip of paper. To avoid any possible mismatch from being noticed you can install the first and last strips of wallpaper in the corner or behind doors, which are hidden from view. Draw a vertical straight line at the place where you will paste the first strip of wallpaper. Now properly measure and cut the strips, beginning from the first strip.

Activate the paste

The common way of activating the paste of the pre-pasted wallpaper is to loosely roll the paper with right side out and immerse it in the water in bathtub at room temperature. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to know how long you should immerse the paper. Now remove the paper from the tub and gently unroll it.

Several paste activators are also available that reduces the hassles of dipping the paper in a bathtub. The paste activator consists of a fine powder, which should be mixed with water to make a thick solution. It is applied on the back of the pre-pasted paper and paste is activated.

Hanging Wallpaper

You can start from the ceiling. Unfold the first strip of wallpaper and align it with the mark you made on the wall. Gently smooth and paste the paper with your hand. You can use a smoothing brush or damp cotton to smooth out air bubbles. A seam roller can be used for smoothing edges.

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