Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life - How to Make an Inexperienced Girl Comfortable in a Sex » Tips to Improve Your Sex LifeSo you are into a relationship that involves cuddling, kissing, touching, sex and all the cool things. But are you the only one that does this? Should she get involved more? Do you wish that she would be more sexually involved? If this is the case, then she is probably shy, lazy or inexperienced. She may not yet be the sexual expert that makes you want for more and more, but she can most certainly get there.

She could lack the enthusiasm in bed. Maybe she cares only for her pleasure and yours is not so important to her. While she is having this lack of motivation for some time, it is obvious that things will not change any time soon unless you do something about it! So are you ready to provide her with some motivation? While she may be reluctant to give, it is obvious that she is not inexperienced; all she needs is a little motivating. Get kinky, use sex toys, create an erotic atmosphere. Turn her on and you will surely notice a difference in your sex life.

She could be a shy girl. You have put some pressure on her and she feels it. She is uncomfortable about something and this is affecting your sex life. She could know exactly what you want but act with fear when doing it, or not doing it at all, because of what she is thinking could go wrong. All kinds of things could be going through her head and you do not even know it.

She could be worried that you will laugh at her attempts at seduction and may feel her actions to be for nothing. You can try to form a stronger relationship between you and her. Go in the comfort zone, make her feel good. Create a happy and playful mood; it should not be very difficult.

She could be inexperienced. An inexperienced girl is clueless about what to do, when to do and how to do it right. The reason why she tries so little to satisfy you is that she may not know how to. This can be a good thing however, because she tends to try whatever you like, or ask her to. She has not yet formed a taste of her own when it comes to sex.

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