Tips To Install Backsplash

Tips To Install Backsplash

Tips To Install Backsplash - How to Install a Tile Backsplash | Tips on - Find TipsWho does not want a nice and classy kitchen? If you are in the mood of kitchen upgradation, then consider using backsplash tiles. They are easy to install by self.

Here is how to go about it:

1. Buy all the appropriate tools. Calculate the length of backsplash you would need and measure other areas so that the exact amount of tiles and preferred tile patterns can be drawn. The tile pattern can be prepared on a piece of graph paper for future references.

2. Now, if there is any existing drywall painted backsplash, it is better to remove it wholly. Cut the existing drywall and get rid of all the tiles.

3. Install the new backer-boards into the studs created using galvanized drywall screws. Use water proof cement because it will keep it clean and is lightweight too. Leave the space of 1/8th of an inch between each tile.

4. Cut the tiles into desired sizes. The cutting tools can be rented or purchased for few dollars. How to cut the tiles? Mark a point on the tile with black marker and with the cutting tool, slice the tiles.

5. Begin from the centre and line the tiles vertically first. Lay the pattern on the floor and check finally if it suits the design you had in mind in the beginning. Then use tile adhesive and lay the first tile properly. The measurements should be accurate and perfect. Maintain a distance of 1/8th inches between one and the next tile.

6. Repeat the procedures till you get the desired pattern.

7. The last step is grouting. Using sand less grouting is better. Follow the instructions on the pack. Apply the grout in between the spaces left in two tiles. Use a rubber float to apply grout.

8. After the grout dries down, clean off the marks on the tiles.

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