Tips to Install PlayStation in Car

Tips to Install PlayStation in Car

Tips to Install PlayStation in Car - How Do I Install a PlayStation in My Car - Tips to Install PlayStation in Car | Tips on - Find TipsYou are always hooked to your PlayStation at home. Like many PlayStation lovers, often you might have hoped to accommodate your PlayStation in your car and play all along the long and short drives. Here are the steps to help you connect your PlayStation to your car.

Power supply

The first step in setting up your PlayStation inside an automobile is to find a way of connecting it to a power source. DC inverters are widely available that could be easily plugged into cigarette lighter, converting 12 Volt output produced by your car battery to 115 Volt output. You may need around 300 to 400 Watts of power to feed your PlayStation and the monitor. If you prefer to use your PlayStation occasionally while on the move, then go for the DC inverter.

Otherwise, for a more permanent arrangement convert your console to run on 12V. If you are a tech geek, perhaps you might try a more novel method of modifying your PlayStation to run on 12V battery. This might not be an easy task and would require opening your PlayStation, removing its power regulation board and adding extra capacitors and wirings. This helps you to run your PlayStation on your car battery similar to your car radio.


PlayStation specific monitors are easily available and they cost anything between $100 and $150. Designed specifically for the PlayStation, it could be easily fitted into your car. You can even use the PlayStation 1 LCD screen in your car. It can be modified a little and hanged from the ceiling of your car. Remove parts of the casing of the LCD screen.

Make a few holes at the bottom of the rotating section of the monitor and install 1 ½ -inch suction cups into the holes. Remove the plastic clips at the back of the housing of the monitor. Turn the entire screen by 180-degrees and then attach the casing. Now you can easily hang your monitor from the ceiling of the car.

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