Tips to Keep Birdhouse Safe for Birds

Tips to Keep Birdhouse Safe for Birds

Tips to Keep Birdhouse Safe for Birds - How to Attract Birds - Tips for Keeping Birdhouse Safe - How to Paint a Birdhouse | Tips on - Find TipsDo you love birds? If you have a garden in your house, then nothing can be as exciting as building a birdhouse in your yard to attract birds. Before you construct a birdhouse to offer the birds a nesting ground, you should keep certain things in mind to allow the birds to have a nice time with their families.

Birds, especially the young ones, often become prey of cats, squirrels and even bigger birds. To protect your birdhouse from predators remove all branches or any structure where predators can sit. Keep a water hose ready. Whenever you see a predator trying to climb the birdhouse, simply spray water on the creature. If you do this frequently, your neighborhood pets, stray cats and squirrels will avoid the place.

Make the entry of the birdhouse big enough to allow the birds to enter. A bigger opening might bring predators, including bigger birds to enter the house. If you have several birdhouses, separate each of the birdhouse by at least five feet, so that the parent birds do not get involved in fights. Try to camouflage the birdhouse by painting it with natural colors, so that it blends with the surrounding trees and branches.

Weather safety
Design your birdhouse in such a manner so that its inhabitants are not harmed by extreme heat, cold and rain. Do not build metal houses. Make sure that there are plenty of ventilation holes in the birdhouse. A proper ventilation system will keep the temperature of the nest comfortable, and the baby birds will not be suffocated with extreme heat. The opening of the house should not face direct sunlight or wind. Perch the birdhouse in a partial shaded area to keep it cool. While constructing the birdhouse, include angled face or a big roof projection to reduce the possibility of rainwater entering the house.

Health precautions
Use environment friendly paints for your birdhouse. Lead-based paints are hazardous for the health of the birds. Do not paint the interior of the birdhouse. Whenever, a bird family leaves the house, clean it properly before a new family come to occupy it in the next season. The dimension of the birdhouse should provide enough space for its residents to live comfortably.

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