Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean - The Best Way To Keep Carpets Clean & Effective Carpet Stain Removal Tips » How To keep Carpet Clean And Stain FreeLuxurious thing like carpet make our house more attractive but what about its maintenance, due to which most of us avoid placing carpet. Let’s examine carpet cleaning tips to fulfill our dream of placing carpet without the concern of its maintenance.

Clean carpet not only turns out to be eye catchy but also gives you healthy and safe environment to live. Vacuum cleaning alone can not give your carpet a new look. Little bit of extra effort and you can save your money from reinvesting in carpet.

Home Techniques To Keep Carpet Clean & Stain Free.

Usually people do vacuuming daily. But with working people in house it is not possible. In this case try to do vacuuming twice a week. Area getting more foot steps should be done slowly side by side and back forth, do it several time in order to take away dirt nicely. Vacuum the carpet before the dirt get firm on the carpet.While starting vacuum cleaning remember to use new vacuum cleaner bag. This will avoid spreading of preceding dust particles.

While choosing vacuum cleaner you have to be little careful.Stiff brush of vacuum cleaner can be harmful for carpet fiber. The top of the vacuum should be accustomed in such a way that spike of the brush should not touch the face of carpet. Some vacuum cleaner are automatic they change their function according to the depth or the amount of dirt accumulated in carpet. But eventually automatic vacuum cleaners are not good for carpet fiber.

New carpet normally has very unlike odor. Shake dry soda over and beneath to prevent this odor in your house. Clean the spilled food or drink right away. The satin can get permanent if not cleaned immediately. Rubbing wouldn’t help you as it can extend the spot.

Rubbing carpet too hard will also deteriorate the yarn of carpet. Try to blot the stain to prevent the carpet from additional damage. Just apply small clean cloth or paper towel and blot the stain. Carry on blotting till the stain goes away and then clean the targeted area with a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Warm water suspends the dirt and oils more easily.

Another carpet cleaning agent easily found in home is shaving cream. You can apply shaving cream straight on the stain of tea, coffee, blood or ketchup and keep it for 20 minutes. Then blot it with white clean cloth or paper towel. You will be stunned to see the result.

Many times despite taking good care of carpet, its color starts fading. Fading can be due to many reasons either due to excess amount of sun light falling on carpet or accumulation of dirt. In this case you can cover your window panels with curtain to avoid excess amount of sunlight falling on carpet.

It is advisable to evade extreme soaking of the carpet with water or any other cleaning solution. Excessive wetness can penetrate stain deeper into the carpet fiber. This will leave behind the odor of wet carpet. Avoid walking on wet carpet. Wait till carpet gets dry. You can open your room windows or use hair dyer to make carpet dry.

On addition to all this you can work in reverse direction and keep your carpet in perfect condition by preventing dirt entering into your house. To control incoming of dirt on carpet it is advisable to remove your shoes out of your house or away from the carpeted area. Dirt is carried with shoes or slippers and gets trapped on carpet. Dirt will scratch away the carpet fibers fast.

A perfect door mat can also help to keep dirt away from your carpet. Most of the times you can’t say your guest to remove shoes before walking on carpet. In this situation you can always place a clean foot mat on door step which will work to prevent dust from entering your home. Always keep your door mat dirt free so it can collect dirt effectively.

You can also place rugs on the joining part of carpet and other flooring. You can also protect your carpet area receiving high foot steps by placing rugs.You can find lots of carpet protector in market now days. They are proven to be successful, as they collect all the dirt and stain.

It is translucent and has spike behind to clutch the carpet, so while walking it doesn’t slip. You can change protector sheet when you feel like it. Carpet protector can be used on particular area receiving high traffic or on party night.

Professional Techniques To Keep Carpet Clean & Stain Free

Despite taking all good care of carpet you should go for professional carpet cleaning service once a year. Do not use harmful chemicals which could cause damage the fiber of carpet. Steam carpet cleaning is generally considered to be best. Steam cleaner use hot water and a mild detergent solution to untie and take away dirt from carpet.

After this when high-powered specialized equipment is used to vacuumed, your carpet look as good as new. Due to high heat used in this method lot of bacteria, fungus and dust mites are killed. This method doesn’t leave behind any particle of detergent. Remaining detergent particles can attract dirt and germs, which will make you stand on same position from where you started, dirty carpet.

Another way of cleaning carpet with the help of professionals is by applying shampoo on carpet. First they spray shampoo on the carpet. Then they leave carpet for 40-45 minutes to let carpet dry. In this time phrase shampoo will absorbs all the dirt accumulated on carpet. Once the shampoo is dried vacuuming is done on carpet. But in this way there is more probability of leaving particles of detergent behind on carpet. This ultimately is going to act as a magnet for more dust particles. So please avoid doing shampooing of carpet.

If your carpet is thickly knitted then you can apply dry foam on it. After this with the help of brush loosen the dirt of carpet. Then this solution is pulled out from carpet. This helps the carpet to dry quickly.Nothing sustain for long time. But if good care is taken it can add life to your carpet. Little alertness about the stains on carpet can keep your money safe.

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