Tips to Keep your Floors Immaculate

Tips to Keep your Floors Immaculate

Tips to Keep your Floors Immaculate - How to Keep your Floors Immaculate - Tips to Keep your Floors Clean - How to Keep your Floors Clean | Tips on - Find TipsYou must have always wanted to keep your floor totally clean and shining. Whenever anyone enters your house, the first thing that is stepped on is the floors. So, it’s better to keep your floor clean by adhering to following tips:

* Wipe off the Dust

Mop up the dust on the floor with a clean and wet cloth as they have the capacity to collect more dust than even a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

* Make use of dry cloth

If your floor has got shiny surface, then try to use a dry cloth. Remember never to apply on that cloth otherwise it will prove disastrous.

*Use dustbin of your kitchen

When you are doing dusting or mopping up the floor, make use of the dustbin of your kitchen to gather the dust simultaneously.

* For getting more shine

Put a part of paper-wax within your dust cloth or mopper and move it in the region you intend to clean. But the process must be started only when the dust and stains have been thoroughly eliminated.

*Stop dirt at the door to prevent the wear and tear of floor.
Place two mats having rough texture inside and outside the door. This will catch maximum dust.

*When you are transfering your heavy furniture from your dining area, then make sure to slide a piece of plush mat, load it slightly in the downward direction beneath the legs of furniture. In this way, you will be able to shield the floor and will also be able shift the furniture very easily.

*Put a silver polish on the stains of alchohol on the floor made of wood and rub it gently. Other alternative being polishing with a cloth soaked in ammonia. After the entire process is completed polish the floor again with wax.

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