Tips to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

Tips to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

Tips to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy - Losing Weight Post Pregnancy - How to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy - How to go Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight | Tips on - Find TipsHaving a baby not just changes your life, it also changes your body shape. Post pregnancy you want to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight and that too as fast as possible. But keep in mind one thing. It took nine months to put on this weight so, it is not possible to make it vanish in just a few days.
Losing this weight will require your patience, time and strong will. But it isn’t as daunting as it sounds. A well-planned diet and exercise regimen is all that it will take to shed the extra amount of weight that you have gained.

Don’t keep Celebrity mothers in mind:

Celebrities who have become new mothers are helped in their endeavor to lose weight by the numerous physicians, diet & fitness experts who are around them only for this reason. Moreover, they are always in a hurry to get back in shape because they have professional commitments to look after. So, do not base your weight loss goals keeping them in mind.

Watch what you eat:

This does not mean that you will go on a crash diet. You have to remember that now is the time when you will be eating for two people so, crash dieting is a strict no-no. What is to be done is this case is to eat healthy. Consult your doctor to know which food is important for the well-being of you and
your baby. You will need to focus on the nutritional requirements hence concentrate more on fruits, vegetables & whole grains and remember to avoid temptation. Eating smaller portions instead of skipping meals will do good to you as well as to your baby.

Include physical activity in daily routine:

These days it is considered safe to resume exercising if you exercised during your pregnancy period and did not have a complicated vaginal delivery. It is generally considered safe to start exercising within a few days of childbirth. But if you had a C-section or the delivery was a tad complicated
it would be advisable to consult your doctor before you took to any exercising program. Other than the exercising programs you could always go on regular brisk walks with your baby in the stroller which will surely get your muscles working.


A new mother who breastfeeds her baby burns approximately 500 calories per day. Also nursing your baby is good for it helps develop the immunity along with other health benefits.

Drink lots of fluid:

Drinking a lot of fluid helps you prevent from getting dehydrated and also fills you up so that you need not eat extra. Research has also proven that it may also boost up the metabolism.

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