Tips to Maintain Your Lawn

Tips to Maintain Your Lawn

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Lawn is the most attractive part of a garden and the lawn if not maintained well will be the ugliest part. It is easy to care a lawn. A little effort from your part will give you the prettiest result.

1. Mowing

Mowing is the process of reducing leaf blade height. Mowing is necessary to keep the lawn healthy. The mowing height is different for different types of grasses. Mowing frequency is also different for different types. In winter a good mowing is required. Try to remove only one third of the leaf blade in a single mow. Mow side ways and lengthwise alternatively to avoid repeated mowing in the same direction. Don’t mow at mid day and when the soil is wet.

2. Weeding

Weeding is the most important part of maintaining a healthy lawn and this is the most difficult task. Weeds have to be removed with their roots. Most of the weeds are deep rooted ones and so remove them with a sharp and narrow blade. Cyperus rotundus is the most common weed in lawns. In rainy season the frequency of weeding has to be increased. Using grass tips after mowing as mulch will check the weed growth and also supply nutrients to the grass. Weeding has to be done in regular intervals.

3. Fertilization

The green grasses prefer more nitrogen than any other minerals. Nitrogen helps in new growth and provides bright green color to the lawn. Nitrogen can be applied in liquid form or in solid slow release form. Urea, ammonium sulfate etc can be used for nitrogen. A compost rich in nitrogen mixed with soil can be applied. Provide fertilizers once in two months time is perfect for a healthy lawn.

4. Watering

Water is an essential component for growth. Lawn requires water up to one inch height per week. This will wet the soil up to eight inch depth and helps the grass to remain green. Early morning is the best time to water the lawn. Late evening and frequent watering will enhance the pest and disease attack.

5. Thatch Removal

A blended layer of dead or living nodes, stems, crowns and roots of grass form the thatch. This has to be removed frequently to maintain the lawn.

All these methods help you to keep a beautiful lawn.

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