Tips to Maintain your Wooden Floors

Tips to Maintain your Wooden Floors

Tips to Maintain your Wooden Floors - Wooden Floor Maintaining Tips - Tips to Maintaining of Wooden Floors - How to Protect your Wooden Flooring | Tips on - Find TipsIn spite of your best efforts, the wooden floor simply refuses to oblige. By the passage of time it develops scratch marks and clouding. Below mentioned are some tips to maintaining of wooden floors:

Exposure to long hours of sunlight leads to discoloring of the wooden floor. It is good for you but not for your wooden flooring. So protect it from direct exposure to sunlight. Cover your windows with curtains and shades.

Dragging furniture or any heavy objects on the floor may give it permanent scratches due to their weight and edges. Protect the floor from such torture and either lift these objects or use some sort of gliding surface to move them.

Do not leave or spill water or other liquids on the floor. This may leave permanent scars on its face as you can not use any chemical solution to clean this natural flooring. Wipe out these spills immediately.

Use natural pH cleaners or chemicals. They do not react with water very easily. Avoid any oil based cleaning agent as they tend to settle down on its surface disabling any effort to polish it.

Dirt has a sandpaper effect that causes scratches. Cleaning helps in maintaining such floors but only to a certain extent. Place doormats on the entry of such rooms so as to avoid sand ridden shoes from dirtying the floor. Clean the floor regularly for such dirt.

Pay careful attention to maintenance of such wooden floors. Get them regularly polished. Undertaken prompt repair of any broken part, otherwise it may slowly engulf rest of floor as well. Spray pesticide to take care of bugs and termites. Do not letter water seep inside the wooden floor or it will slowly disfigure it.

Regularly apply air pressure on the floor and clean it with vacuum cleaner to clear even the minutest of dust particles. This help in extending its life further.

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