Tips to Make a Photo Slide Show

Tips to Make a Photo Slide Show

Tips to Make a Photo Slide Show - Tips to Make a Photo Slide Show as Mothers Day Gift – How to Make MotherPhoto Slide Show

Photos are always the best gift that you can give to your mother. If you have a lot of photos of your mother and your family then you can make a slide show of those photos. Your mother will be very happy to see the photos and she will remember all the past that she had spent with you and the family.

Tips to Make a Photo Slide Show

1. Manage to get some photos of your mother that can bring the most valuable memories of your mother’s past. Try to have some group photos which include all your family members. Also include some photos of you and your mother. If you have some photos that showing some special events like your first birthday with your mother, mother teaching you some thing etc include all such photos that have emotional value.

2. Arrange these photos in an order according to the years and the events taken place or arrange it in an ascending order. This will help your other to recollect every event one by one.

3. Drag all these photos one after another to the story line. You can add descriptions to these photos. Write all your feelings and emotions towards those events. Your mother will be very happy to know that you have every thing in your heart and she will get the feeling that she nurtured you in the right way.

4. You can customize the photos and the background according to your style. Prefer a style and color your mother likes most. You can also customize the opening and ending of the slide show. You can also use pictures to fill the background and can use wordings like mom, I love you mom etc. then you can add clip arts above it.

5. It’s easy to add your mother’s favorite music to the show. You have options to edit the music and you can do it using the advanced button which will help you to set the beginning and ending time.

6. Narrations to each slide are also a good idea.

7. Now you can publish it as an “EXE” file which will help your mother to use it as a wall paper. This is also possible in HTML or SWF files.

8. Send this as an email to your mother.

Your mother will be very happy to receive this gift and the happiness you are giving to her will be the greatest gift that one can offer.

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