Tips to Make Biscuit Pudding

Tips to Make Biscuit Pudding

Tips to Make Biscuit Pudding - How to Make Biscuit Pudding - Biscuit Pudding - Making Biscuit Pudding | Tips on - Find TipsBiscuit puddings are one of the easy to make puddings. It takes only ten minutes to prepare biscuit pudding. Both kids and adult like biscuit pudding.

Here are some simple tips to make biscuit pudding:

1. You have to make chocolate sauce first and for this you need corn flour, coco powder, milk and water. Get three table spoon of coco powder and two and a half table spoon of corn flour. Mix them with the help of one cup water. Agitate them well to form a mixture with out any lumps.

2. To the above mixture add one and half tablespoon of sugar and half cup milk and mix them well. Heat the mixture for about three minutes and allow it to cool.

3. Take two cups of cream and add sugar to the cream to make it sweet.

4. Now get a square or rectangle shaped open container for keeping the pudding.

5. Make coffee syrup with three teaspoon of coffee powder dissolved in one cup of water.

6. Take thirty biscuits and immerse the biscuits in the coffee syrup to make it soft. Never soak the biscuit in coffee syrup for a long period as it will become a paste. Make a layer on the bottom of the container with these soft biscuits and then add a layer of cream over the biscuit layer. Then make another layer over the cream with the soft biscuits. Repeat this process to make four or five layers of biscuits and cream on top of each.

7. Once you finished with making layers of biscuits and cream then add the prepared chocolate sauce over the layers as a final layer. Make sure that every part of the pudding is under the sauce.

8. Keep the container in the refrigerator for setting the pudding. It will take almost one hour for setting.

Now your delicious pudding is ready to eat.

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