Tips to Make Canning Jar Candle

Tips to Make Canning Jar Candle

Tips to Make Canning Jar Candle - How to Make Canning Jar Candle - Material For Making Canning Jar Candle - Procedure of Making Cannning Jar Candle | Tips on - Find TipsDuring wedding anniversaries or for a romantic candle light dinner in your home, you have rushed to your neighborhood store to buy canning jar candles to illuminate your room or your dinner table. Instead of buying these lovely canning jar candles, you can make them yourself. Once you gain expertise in creating canning jar candles, you can even gift your near and dear ones these lovely items.

Materials for making canning jar candle

The items needed to make a canning jar candle are easily available. You can easily get a canning jar or a mason jar from garage sales or from thrift stores. Take a wide mouth mason jar or canning jar. You also need a glass votive candle holder, a short pillar candle, small silk, dried flower, 1-inch wide lace, wire ribbon, potpourri, spray paint and craft glue. Before you start making the jarring candle, check that the candle holder you buy fits inside the jar.

Canning jar candle making procedure

Take a sheet of paper and spread potpourri on it. Spray it liberally with paint. You can use color according to your choice. After the paint dries, turn over the potpourri and spray it once again with color, so that no part remains uncolored. When the paint of the potpourri dries up completely, add the potpourri to the canning jar. Potpourri is one of the various options that can be used as filler. You can add various ingredients to the potpourri including dried slices of apples and oranges, dry cranberries and even cinnamon sticks. You can even fill the jar with pebbles and colored sand.

Now attach the glass votive candle holder inside the jar’s mouth. Make sure that the top of the candle holder and the mouth of the jar are at the same level.

Put the candle inside the holder.

Now tie the lace around the rim of the jar to form a bow. Use glue to stick the lace to the jar. Glue dried flower and pieces of silk around the bow to make the canning jar candle look attractive.

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