Tips to Make Delicious Dates Pickle

Tips to Make Delicious Dates Pickle

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Dates are the fruits of palm. It is a drupe with a single seed. It is very popular is Middle East. It is rich in iron and is a good remedy for anemia. No other fruit has this much iron. Women after delivery are used to take dates to increase the blood level as they lost a lot of blood while delivery. For vegetarians it is an important part of their food. Dates can be preserved by many ways, one of which is pickling. Dates pickle is very delicious and can be served with fried rice, pulao, biryani etc. It can be made easily.

Tips to Make Dates Pickle

1. Take two fifty grams of dried date’s fruit and de seeded them.
2. Take three table spoon oil in a frying pan and keep it on the burner and light the stove.
3. Keep the flame low and shallow fry the date’s fruits and keep them aside.
4. Now take two table spoon oil in the pan and fry a half table spoon mustard seed in the oil.
5. Add two table spoon ginger garlic paste to the oil and shallow fry it only for the aroma to come. Care should be taken not to make them dark.
6. Add one fourth table spoon turmeric powder to it.
7. Take one fourth cup of vinegar and dissolve two and a half table spoon chili powder in it. Add this mix in to the frying pan and stir well.
8. Now its time to add two and a half table spoon salt and one table spoon sugar to the pan.
9. Add one fourth cup of water to this mix and stir it well and bring them to boil.
10. The shallow fried date’s fruits can be added to the pan now. Make the flame low and stir the contents till they become a thick paste. Off the flame and it aside to cool.
11. Sterilize a bottle and its cap and make it dry. Fill the dates pickle in the bottle.

You can use this pickle now itself or can store it in fridge for months.

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