Tips to Make Different Types of Watermelon Juices

Tips to Make Different Types of Watermelon Juices

Tips to Make Different Types of Watermelon Juices - How to Make Watermelon Juice - Watermelon Juice - Different Types of Watermelon Juices | Tips on - Find TipsWatermelon is found to be one of the nutritive fruits and can be used for making a lot of drinks and salads. Watermelon may help you to cool down while it is hot outside. It contains a lot of nutrients and water to keep the body healthy.

1. Watermelon Juice

Take a seedless water melon and cut it in to half. You can either scoop out the watermelon and mash it in a large bowl or cut the watermelon in to pieces of one inch thickness. Put the watermelon pieces or mashed pulp in a blender and also add some sugar and ice cubes and blend it well. The fresh juice is now ready.

2. Watermelon Juice with Lemon

Take the juice of the watermelon with the help of a blender and add three table spoon palm sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix then well and refrigerate to make it chilled.

3. Watermelon Juice with Honey and Black Pepper

Take two cups of watermelon juice, one cup crushed ice, teaspoon honey and one fourth teaspoon black pepper. Mix all the ingredients in a blender till it becomes smooth. Garnish it with mint leaves and serve chilled.

4. Watermelon Juices with Mint Leaves

Take eight cups of ripe watermelon pieces without seeds and a small handful of mint leaves in a blender and make a fine puree. You can also add sugar to the blender. Add this mixture to twelve ounces of cold water and mix then well and chill then in a refrigerator for about one hour and serve with ice cubes.

5. Watermelon Juice with Black Salt

Get four cups of de seeded watermelon pieces, four or six tablespoon of sugar, half table spoon pepper and a pinch of black salt. Blend all these ingredients in a blender and add two glasses of water and crushed ice to the mixture and blend again. Pour the juice in to the glass and decorate it with slices of watermelon at the top.

6. Watermelon with Cool Citrus Mascarpone

Take one orange, two lemons and a grape fruit and zest and segment them and keep aside. Take the juices of citrus fruits and keep aside. Get a seedless watermelon and cut it in to half. Cut balls from the watermelon using a melon baler and keep it in a bowl.

Take one cup of mascarpone cheese and the juices of citrus fruit and two table spoon sugar in to a blender and mix till it becomes smooth. If the mixture is thick then add some water to make it to a thickness of yogurt. Now pour the mascarpone mixture over the balls of watermelon and decorate it with zested segments of the fruits. You can serve it chilled.

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