Tips to Make Eggless Ice Cream

Tips to Make Eggless Ice Cream

Tips to Make Eggless Ice Cream - Eggless Ice Cream Recipe - Vegetarian Ice Cream - How to Make Eggless Ice Cream | Tips on - Find TipsEggless Ice Cream

Ice creams are always delicious and there will be hardly anyone who doesn’t want to eat ice cream. If you are a vegetarian and want to avoid egg in your ice cream, then you can make an eggless ice cream. Eggless ice creams are usually thickened with corn starch. The egg less ice creams have a good texture with the corn starch add in.

How to Make Eggless Ice Cream

1. Take one cup of milk and boil it in a thick container.

2. Dissolve one table spoon corn starch in three table spoon cold milk and add this to the boiled milk.

3. Now boil the contents till it becomes a bit thick.

4. Take one table spoon condensed milk and add seven table spoon of sugar in to it. Mix these contents with the boiled milk and corn starch. Mix the entire contents in a mixer or in a blender. Keep it aside for cooling.

5. After cooling the mix add one cup of cream to it and mix well.

6. Add one table spoon of vanilla essence and two or three drops of food color either yellow or red. Mix the contents well and keep it in a closed container in a refrigerator to freeze.

7. When the mixture is half set take it out from the refrigerator and beat the mixture well in a blender or by using an egg beater. Keep the mixture in a closed container and place it in the refrigerator for freezing. Let the contents to freeze for two or three hours. It is not required to beat it again.

8. Instead of the containers you can also use ice cream containers of different shapes, also containers with sticks which will more attractive to the kids.

Your delicious egg less ice cream is now ready to serve. Corn starch will help you to make a crystal free ice cream as it absorbs water present in the mixture and thus prevents the crystal formation. The large molecules of starch will obstruct the binding action of water molecules and thus helps to make a crystal free ice cream.

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