Tips to Make Mango Squash -Mango Squash

Tips to Make Mango Squash -Mango Squash

Tips to Make Mango Squash -Mango Squash - How to Make Mango Squash - Recipe for Mango Squash | Tips on - Find TipsMango Squash

Mangoes are considered as the queen of fruits. They are found in tropical and sub tropical areas. They can’t withstand frost. Large number of varieties of mangoes is available now in the market. You can’t stop eating mangoes because of the mouth watering taste and smell. Mangoes are produced in bulk in the season. The surplus mangoes can be preserved by making squash. Mango squash is equally tasty as the ripe mangoes.

Recipe For Mango Squash

1. Collect fully ripened mangoes from your backyard or from the market.

2. Wash them well to remove the dirt and pesticide residues.

3. Peel the mangoes using a sharp knife and remove the seed from the centre.

4. Cut the mangoes in to small pieces and grind then in mixer or squeeze the juice by hand.

5. Strain the pulp using a muslin cloth or a fine sieve. This will helps to remove the fibers in the pulp. Keep this juice aside.

6. Take nine cups of water in a steel or aluminum vessel and add nine cups of sugar in to it.

7. Add four table spoons of citric acid to this sugar syrup.

8. Keep the vessel on the stove and burn the stove. Stir the liquid till the sugar dissolves completely. Off the stove and let the syrup cool.

9. Strain the sugar syrup through a muslin cloth to remove the dirt in the sugar.

10. Place the syrup again on burner and heat it with the mango juice taken.

11. Heat the mixture up to 85oC with constant stirring and then turn off the stove. Over heating will results in the separation of solids in the squash results in an unpleasant look.

12. Keep the squash to cool. Take one fourth cup of mango squash from it and dissolve three fourth table spoon of potassium metabisulphate in it. Mix this with the remaining part of the squash and stir well to mix up properly.

13. Fill the squash in sterilized bottles and keep them air tight.

You can use this squash by mixing water three part of water to one part of the juice. The total soluble salts of a mango squash is 45% with 1.2% – 1.5% acidity. The mango juice available in the squash will be 25%.

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