Tips to Make Metal Embossing

Tips to Make Metal Embossing

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Metal embossing is not only a craft but an art also. You can make designs on an aluminum sheet and can add expressions too. You have to do your work neatly and with patience. You can decorate your house with your own paintings.

Tips to Make Metal Embossing

1. You need a thin aluminum sheet for making the embossing. Cut the sheet as per the size of your picture.

2. Keep carbon paper over the aluminum sheet and place the design over it properly.

3. Place your aluminum sheet over a blanket to avoid cracks while drawing.

4. Now you have to draw the picture with a ball pen. Apply enough force while drawing so that the impression comes clearly on the aluminum sheet.

5. After making the impression of your design on the sheet you have to put dots on the sheets around the picture. This has to be done with a ball pen with enough stress.

6. Place the sheet with the reverse side up. Now you have to emboss the design over the sheet by pressing hard on the sheets with the embossing tools. Embossing tools are available in different shapes and thickness to give different levels of embossing. Leave the outlines of your design while pressing.

7. Turn the sheet over after finishing the embossing. You can see projections on the right side. Your picture is now embossed on the sheets.

8. You can paint your design with anti rust liquid. It is available in golden, dark brown and in brown color. Take the anti rust in cotton and apply it on the picture. You can use different shades to the back ground and to the picture. You can also leave some portions with out any paint. For example while making a lady you can leave the skin as such with out any color. Give darker colors to the ornaments and hair. Use different shades for her dress. You can use kerosene or turpentine to get lighter shades.

9. Shade the back ground with a lighter color so that the picture will have a striking effect.

10. Keep the picture for drying in a neat place to avoid the settling of dust over it.

You can frame your design on the next day and can decorate your home.

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