Tips to Make Papaya Pickle

Tips to Make Papaya Pickle

Tips to Make Papaya Pickle - How to make Papaya Pickle | Tips on - Find TipsPapaya Pickle

Papaya pickle can be made from matured green papayas. Ripened papayas are not good as they will be sweeter and softer than what is required for making pickle.

If you take an immature one then it will produce a bitter taste to your pickle. Select a matured green and disease free papaya.

Steps in Making Pickle

1. Remove the dark green skin of the papaya using a peeler or a sharp knife.

2. Cut the papaya longitudinally along the centre and remove the seeds.

3. Wash the papaya and make it dry with a clean cloth

4. Slice the papaya in to small pieces of one inch length and ¼ inch width.

5. Marinate the papaya with some salt less than one fourth cup and with a table spoon sugar.

6. Keep this in hot sun for one hour to remove the excess liquid in it and to soften the papaya.

7. Take a frying pan and keep it on the burner and lighten the fire. Add ½ cup gingili oil in to it and fry ½ table spoon each of mustard and fenugreek seeds. Add two chili splits in to it.

8. Add one table spoon finely chopped ginger and garlic.

9. Make a paste of 12 garlic flakes, one table spoon fenugreek seed and one table spoon sliced ginger and add this paste in to the frying pan. Sauté them to half and add one table spoon turmeric powder and five table spoon chili powder. Sauté them well.

10. Then add ½ cup vinegar and ¼ cup lime juice to the paste and mix them well. Instead of lime juice acetic acid can be used. Lime juice and acetic acid will protect the volatiles from losing.

11. Add half cup warm water to the pan and boil the gravy till it becomes a thick paste.

12. The dried and softened papaya is then added to the gravy and mix it well

13. Turn off the burner and stir the gravy well.

14. Take a sterilized bottle by boiling in it water and make it dry. The lip of the bottle has to be cleaned with a tissue paper to get rid of the moisture. The hot bottles are safe to fill the pickle because it won’t crack with the hotness of the pickle.

15. Keep the filled bottle in hot water and boil it for 10 minutes to sterilize the entire content.

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