Tips to make Paper Mache Products – How to make Paper Mache

Tips to make Paper Mache Products – How to make Paper Mache

Tips to make Paper Mache Products – How to make Paper Mache - Paper Mache Items | Tips on - Find TipsAlways we have many unwanted papers lying in our homes. These waste papers could be converted into useful decorative items. Paper Mache or Paper Mache making can be an exciting hobby for kids as well as adults.

Collecting papers

This is the easiest task. You can use old newspapers, gift wrappers, used stationery and any type of paper.

Making Paper Mache


Besides paper, to make paper mache you need flour, water and wintergreen oil. You need a mold to shape the paper mache. You can use cans and cartons as molds. Choose the mold according to the shape and size you want to give to your paper mache product. Often inflated balloons are used as mold for making round objects.


Make a mixture by adding water and flour in the ratio of 3:1. Stir the ingredients to make a smooth paste. There should be no lumps in the mixture. To make the paper mache last for a long time, add a few drops of wintergreen oil. Now immerse each piece of old paper to the mixture and paste each piece of paper drenched in the flour and water mixture over the mold. To increase the rate of absorption of the paste and to enhance its adherence property the papers should be torn into pieces and not cut into strips.

Instead of using flour, you can also use white glue to make paper mache. Mix two parts of white glue with one part of warm water and stir properly to make a thick paste. Now dip pieces of paper in the solution and put it on the mold. You can also use wallpaper paste, which is easily available in any hardware store. To three parts of water add one part of wallpaper paste and stir the ingredients. Now dip the paper strips in the solution and paste them on the mold.

Each paper layer on the mold should be completely dry, before you paste the next layer. Once the paper mache layers have completely dried up, remove the mold carefully. Now color and shape the paper mache to produce your desired item.

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