Tips to Make Potato Salad

Tips to Make Potato Salad

Tips to Make Potato Salad - How to Make Potato Salad - Potato Salad - How to Make Delicious Potato Salad | Tips on - Find TipsPotato salad is something that most of the people would like to have. It is made of potatoes, cucumber, parsleys, celery, paprika and hard boiled eggs. It is a good salad that you can serve for your dinner. The following tips may help you to make the delicious potato salad.

Tips to Make Potato Salad

1. Take three pound potatoes and boil them in water with out peeling for twenty minutes or till it becomes soft. Over cooking may spoil the appearance of your salad as the potatoes may fall apart while cutting them.

2. Take the potatoes out of the water and peel them while they are warm and cut them in to thin cubes.

3. Boil five eggs and get them hard boiled. Take four out of the five eggs and cut them in to cubes. Add this diced eggs and half cup mayonnaise to the diced potatoes and stir them till the potatoes become damp. If you prefer a tangier salad then you can add two or three tablespoon cider vinegar to the diced potatoes.

4. To the above mixture add half cup of dill or sweet pickle and pepper and salt to taste. Now you can add half cup each of chopped red onion, finely chopped celery, seeded and chopped cucumber to this mixture.

5. Add half cup of chopped green or red bell pepper to the above mixture and mix all the ingredients well. To this add one tablespoon each of Dijon mustard, celery seeds and chopped parsley and shuffle them well to get an even mixture. You can add more mayonnaise if you feel the salad is dry.

6. Take a salad plate and place the finished product at the center of the plate. Now garnish your salad with the remaining one egg. For this you have to slice the egg in to thin pieces and arrange them around the salad on the edge of the plate.

7. Get a little of paprika and parsley and chop them in to fine pieces. Scatter the chopped pieces over the salad and keep the salad in the refrigerator till it gets chilled.

Serve the salad chilled.

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